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Thank you for your interest in working with X-Pole! We are in the process of building a network of authorized X-Pole dealers. Setting up your qualified business as an authorized dealer is very easy and offers great profit potential with NO RISK!

Dealer Program (20%+ Commission)

With the X-Pole Dealer Program, you may sell the full line of X-Pole products to your client directly. You will receive wholesale prices which are 20-45% off retail cost depending on the product and you'll also receive special shipping rates. You simply collect the retail cost from your client, we charge you the wholesale cost, and the difference is your profit! That is $60-$90 profit per X-Pole and $160 profit per X-Stage!

They are no fees or minimum order amount to become a dealer and we can send orders directly to you or drop ship them to your clients. Since we do not require you to hold stock and you do not have to place an order until you have received one from your client, there is absolutely NO RISK involved. Once you've placed your first order and are in our system as an X-Pole dealer you can easily email future orders to

In addition, X-Pole also offers an exclusive Studio Use Program If you are interested in placing an order to equip your studio with X-Poles. 

Please fill out the below registration application completely and we will contact you shortly with further details. Note: State Tax ID/Resale Number is required for the Dealer Program but not for the Studio Use Program and the Email Address must be valid to complete registration. 

Already an X-Pole Dealer? Click here to login!

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